WhatsApp Chat Are Not Permanently Deleted Claims Research

iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski claimed WhatsApp Chat history is not deleted permanently, while user clicked on delete all. Forensic  tools can easily cover your deleted messages, what user had deleted 3 months ago or earlier.

Well, we all know WhatsApp is most popular social and chat application where more than 2 million users are active daily. Users do chat with friends and family, and sometime they delete any chat. Do really chat is deleted from whatsapp database ?

According to Jonathan, no history is not deleted from database. It can be recoverd any time, what is deleted earlier or few weeks before.

Jonathan has admitted that application is clean and not storing WhatsApp Chat, it only encrypts user to user chat. But when a user deletes chat, all data sets are not deleted completely from database.

WhatsApp Chat is not deleted permanently, even you uninstall the application. Still there would be backup of database on smartphone, iCloud or whatsapp server.

Jonathan has tried to delete WhatsApp Chat with few methods:

  • SQLite Database can be marked by the manufacturer so that it doesn’t backup your messages, ever. However, extracting a full copy of such a database becomes easier with this method
  • Developers can set PRAGMA secure_delete=ON before deleting the messages, so that the deleted content is overwritten automatically.

Facebook got attention of most users, when it announced that new updates will enable end-to-end encryption so third party will not be able to scoop it any more. It looks like that app leave a forensic trace of chat history while user has deleted or cleared it.

Application update has more features, enable them for a better experience.

How to disable read receipt ?

When you send a message and user reads it, which shows a blue check mark there and it was simple two check marks were before. You can turn it off, so users will not be able to check that you have read message or not. Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy and now remove the check mark for read receipt.

How can turn off last seen ?

If you see the profile of another users, than it shows last seen time on top side of screen. If user is active, than it shows online. So you can prevent users to check your last seen by doing this. Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy and now select any suitable option for it. But if you turn off last seen than you would not be able to see of others.

How to bold, strike the fonts ?

For Bold type:- *Hi*

To Strike type:- ~Hi~

You can turn off chat backup in iPhone or Android smartphone but still database log will be whatsapp server. Go to Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup and turn off automatic backup option.

Well whatever it is, WhatsApp would be most popular application for users. This update can be helpful to solve crime, typical cases, cheap messages, photos and videos.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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