Hello readers, I hope you have read earlier post about how to write a blog, on-page SEO basics and google indexing. Social media have an important role while you want to engage huge traffic to your site. Because Social Media Promotion  doesn’t need too much efforts, so just write good and share them to social profiles.

Well, most of people had a picture of social media as a good time-pass, sharing photos and chatting only but It is more than it. Social media has a power of sharing your thoughts and experiences to lot of people in one shot. About 2 millions users are active daily on social media and few of them use it for business and updates.

Social media promotion is only the way to pull traffic faster with few efforts and can boost your profile in one click. It provides you a network of people, where you can promote your business easily. There are lot of opportunities, who are active, responsible to grab them and know how to utilize them.

Now the question is how it is important to bloggers ? How blogsite can make huge traffic by using such social media tools and services ? So, answer is yes. Social media is a large platform to build your network and relationship with new people. It is the friendly way of interaction to each other and collaborate to business terms.

I hope, everyone has a Facebook account and you daily or mostly spend some time to chat with friends. So if you are ambitious and owner of marketing skills, surely you can engage more people and profit.

Facebook and Twitter are big and most popular platforms. Most of users spend one hour at-least on them daily. Most important thing is, it is source of news and media. Some people use social media with coffee at early morning like a newspaper.

Now let me direct to point, that really social media can boost your blog and pull traffic faster. It is also a part of SEO process.

Facebook is now very common and most popular social networks, while user is 18 years old or 60+. So bloggers can take profit of such thing and more than 1 million active users daily. You can create a group or facebook page, where you can share your posts in short and can redirect users to site.

You also can join groups and can promote your blogs their and discuss with users about the topic. It will help you to highlight you and your blog. If you are financially good, than you can pick facebook promotional packages to create quick traffic for your site.

Twitter is also popular platform to share your contents to more people in one go. You can use hashtags to ping more topics related to your topic and follow other users who subject to your interest area. You can read other’s post or also can another popular users to get fast response.

Bloggers should create a button or twitter widget to blog site, so readers can see how popular your blogs are. If any user re-tweet your post, it will reach to more people.

There is few free tools with twitter can help you make followers faster, here are they:-

Tweet Jukebox allows you to share contents on scheduled time with ease. You can load many tweets at a time and than able to share 100 per day.

Commun.it is a free tool to analyze your and others profile, which is able to maintain relationship with followers and non-followers.

Crowdfire allows you to find your network and join them, you can also analyze competitors profile and explore followers list.

Pinterest is now fast growing social platform where you can create dashboard of niche and pin blog there. Most of bloggers don’t like to use this platform because it has no more functionality. You can prompt your contents on dashboard and discuss it to more people, which can improve your popularity on social media.

Pins are graphical components with an image attached to your contents, it attracts to users. Simply you can integrate Pinterest API to blog and easily can pin to dashboard. While users start to follow you, you can discuss and comment to post.

Like this you can also use Goolge+ and Linkedin to promote your blog, both are able to shape your story in easiest way. These are less popular than facebook but yes, they are enough to boost your traffic. Both are business tools, a bit slow than facebook and twitter because most of users don’t show interest in such profiles.

Most of bloggers also use web journals to review and popularity of their contents, you can use reditt, quora, digg, stumbleupon, tumblr. You can link to others account by reviewing and answering on their queries.

If you have started a blog and looking for quick response, you must use social media. Social media promotion is best and smartest marketing strategies which allows users to share contents through photos, texts and events. Each of them have a different strategy to promote your product, before it you should select a niche.

These platforms are free tools and it depends on you that how you utilize services. As a good blogger you should write good and keep sharing on social media daily, which can make a passive traffic to your blog.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.


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