There is no doubt that new technologies have brought very good things. But also should be noted that also carry negative things, which affects on human health. Let’s have read about smartphone uses and it’s side effects.

For example 95% of users smartphone and tablets around the world, used by at least one hour just before going to bed, knowing nothing of the negative effects that this carries with it.

According to experts, this is a habit not recommended, since according to studies, six out of ten people currently aged between 13 and 64 years old, has more than any inconvenience to bedtime and do not know what is it may be happening.

In the evening hours, according to experts, any type of back-lit display that is similar to that of the tablets or mobile is very harmful because this type of light radiating devices in question, interfere much with the natural cycle biological clock of people. It is one of the reasons which have problems bedtime.

To this, he added, that use late at night, it is closely related to the greater amount of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and depression.

Curiously enough the fact that the light of our television and our consoles favorite game no cause at all the same kind of negative effects on the biological clock of users and for this reason, its effects on the sleep cycle of the people, at least for this cause so far, are not at all comparable.

For a number of years ago, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become inseparable companions in our daily lives. “Everything in excess is bad,” says an old saying, so do not abuse the use of these devices, which are certainly very helpful in our lives, either as information tools or training, including fun.

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  1. You are right mere bhai.. Smartphone real me life barbad hi karte hai, Insaan dinner late kar lega par phone me ungli pehle karega.. anyways thank you for sharing good.