Let us move to get money making methods and how to boost your earning by blogging.

Google Adsense

Most of people think to start to earn online money from Adsense. It is a network, which provides you put ads on your site or blog with quality of algorithm. Whenever any user visits your site or click the ad, it makes some money for you.

Now days, Google Adsense has quality and powerful algorithm. It’s approval is not easy for now. You need to clear all Google conditions, and site must be according to their rules to get an account. Blog should be at-lease 6 months old to get approved.

Hence, it is a wow moment for every blogger, that Google approved the blog site.

Adsense Alternatives

Adsense is not the sole ad network that provide you display ads. There are Adsense alternatives which help you to earn money from your blog. You can also use ads and affiliate programs from others like Infolinks, Amazon, goDaddy etc.. It is a slow process to make some money rather than adsense network.

Sponsored Posts

It takes time to get your blog popular and get more attention of it’s readers. Once you get users traffic to your blog, it opens many doors for you. Companies can hire you to write blogs for them and their products, they pay good for these services.

I made my first earning through blog writing job on Freelancer. Than I started my blog to provide useful contents for readers and yes, some to make money.

Selling Own Products

As I’m Senior Web Developer and Software Consultant. Now days, I develop websites and software’s and sell them on Freelancer, Instamajo, Envato etc platforms at reliable cost. Now, I started to sell them through my Blog. Because, I can reach to more people through blog and social media networking.

If you can write well managed, rich quality contents than More Clients are ready to pay you a good amount for that. Freelancer, Fiverr are good options for you to get opportunity and earn some money.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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