Most of people thinks we are fool and wasting precious time in doing such job or idiotic lifestyle. For few people blogging is a Joke and they think it is only the way of timepass rather than good professional carrier. It is not a helpful way for make money by blogging which will be helpful to accept responsibilities of family.

It is very easy to start a job with basic ideas but very typical to beginners to maintain it after few ups and down. Beginners quit the way as soon, if they don’t earn from blog as quick return. Are they don’t understand it is time taking process and can take more than 2 years to make some profit.

If someone start to write and ask to friends, relatives or others that time we should see their face expression. They will smile at you and ask what is this my friend ? Why you are wasting your time in such job ? No one can make good money from working as a writer, think about my words and change your way to earn.

Few people have very different picture of blogging and they don’t want to be realistic about it. People don’t know about blogging life and earning from it, if some one is really looking for.

I want to say seriously, if you want to earn money only than stop blogging. Don’t try to keep this in way to make money only. It is an art to share your knowledge and experince to other and help them to learn and keep learning.

If you really want to improve your life and want to earn some big than don’t hang on blogging only. I’m not saying that there is no carrier of bloggers and writers, Yes they have and very good opportunities. But you should have some marketing skills to improve your business.

Nobody can make money from blogging only, while he is not engage any other resources to blog like adsense, affiliate programs, selling of own products and more. Don’t build your dreams only with blogging and get stucked on this. If you see the famous bloggers profile, than you will notice this that they didn’t earn big amount like $3k – 15k per month with writing skills.

Anyway let read about the ways where bloggers can make some money without proper marketing skills and business knowledge. If bloggers don’t about money making process, still they can get few money by following such steps.

#1 Google Adsense

It is a dream for all blogger either beginners or pro that they can get approved by google for adsense program. It is most powerful and wisest earning program that can help you make money. Google adsense has high pay out rates that each one want to have.

Just leave everything and stop selling ad space on your site to publishers if you are reviewed successfully by Google team and approved. It is not an easy job to get verified with google because Google adsense program is managed by google alone.

Google adsense doesn’t allow all niche and allow only recurring income profile. It checks your site, contents, website traffic and speed, user interests and search queries to approve your request.

#2 Affiliate Programs

If it is tough for most bloggers to get approve for Google adsense program, you can go though some alternatives. Affiliate program is another option to make money, which provides you one shot money. It is the best way to monetize your blog or site.

Affiliate program is best and smartest strategy of earning than Google adsense program where you can earn more. But you must have some business skills to promote and take advantage of affiliate program. But If you are not familiar to this program than you can follow this business model by promoting others products and can get commission.

It has a passive and faster income source where you can get quick money in few weeks or months rather than investing months or years. You can save your time and can engage with another business also, here the mainly task to pull traffic only and attract them to go through.

#3 Sell Own Products

If you don’t have enough business skills and not able to engage with Google adsense or affiliate program, you should sell your own products through your website and promote it.

You can sell products or services and promote it, while you will only the task to prove your products that is helpful for audience. If you are developer, graphic designer or any business you are having, you can sell your products.

Freelancer can design own products like softwares, logo, banners , websites and more that try to sell them. It will generate revenue quickly than having any other money making process.

Bloggers can write a book about experiences, write for companies or sell your services to organizations would be more better to earn faster than investing time on blog writing and wait for years to get good money.

Well I respect blogging and it’s lifestyle because we learn faster and stay motivated in each terms. I can share and speak up what I have learned from this journey. In the end, I love about blogging life that we bloggers help them, inform them about new things and take them out from tight spots by motivating them.

When we read the profile of other bloggers, feel better and get inspired. It gives us an ability to learn more about blog writing and help us to deliver more useful contents.

It is my routine and job because we get paid for it. Few of us can change the world and their thoughts about blogging. Hope we can make a good team to change.

You can read about what are make money by blogging methods here and how to write a profitable blog.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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