The Lopifit designed a new electric bike, which will give you new way of moving. It will work with electric charge and human efforts to walk both. Yes,  someone will walk on bike ( there is fixed panel ), bike will move to forward.  So, it will give you a feel like “a walk in park”.

Bruin Bergmeester had invented a scooter like treadmill with six gears and Quantum Motor, which can move 34 miles on a charge. The Lopifit will help you in fitness and travelling too. You can cover 25 Kilometers in an hour, while you are walking on it.

Lopifit has made of steel frame and it comes with LED lightning and luggage carrier. It is 2.3 meters in length with price tag of $2100 US dollars.

But, you can move backward with this bike because there is no reverse gear. It will run on roads, hills and pebbles like a simple bike. The Lopifit is suited for all adult and children with 136 Kg load capacity.

Hence a new way of moving, it is more interesting than a normal walk. If would be more helpful for people who are health and trend conscious, it will also give you a comfort ride. You can ride while you are standing on panel or sitting on seat.

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