Now days it is very typical to live a simple life, because modern technology, marketing strategies, goals and responsibilities, problems took place there. So everyone or most of people are not able to comeover this; but they wants to relive things by Life Style Simplification.

My first experience with simplifying my life, when I was in 10th standard and my parents had sent me to a hostel for further studies. I was  just 16 years old and was living a very crazy life with all colors.

It was the time to accept the changes and thoughts that was coming in mind all day, because It gives an ability to face the problems rather than excuse to them. I had learnt how to control the life and can live a simple and joyful life. Now, grown up and living a successful life as Web Developer.

So, now here is few ways to live a simple and balanced life. Hope it may be useful for you to do Life Simplification.

In this complicated life we should left behind Negative thoughts , because they are completely useless, draining your colors of life, bitterness in relations, hate and fights are taking you to deep. So, negative thoughts are stopping you to be a responsible person and to understand values of life and relations. You would not be able to take responsibilities and to enjoy the quality of life.

People don’t feel the difference between Business and Family and give credits only business tools, money and market. They forget to spend time for family or personal life and face off to responsibilities. So, we should understand the values and make a distinction of them. Most of people take their business to home after the office time and don’t give time to personal life.

Few people can lasts on Time Commitments for the day and live a balanced life. There should be a time chart for daily routines, so you can give proper time to business, socity and community, family and your personal life.

Most important thing today is to Set your life goals, which helps you to achieve success and to improve focus. If you accomplish any of goals, than try to create more and more which can maintain your life and business.

Last thing to remember is Relations and Words, both are important to build some values to your life. Speech is very powerful weapons to avoid bad things come to life, so make it simple, polite and honest. At another end relationship are too important, which can take you out from tensions and depressions of life. You must talk to family, relatives and spend some time with them once in a week at-least. You can use social media like facebook and whatsapp to connect with more people and community.

So we deserve to grab all offers and see the colors, what life gives to us.

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