If you are looking for a solution to increase your website loading speed through Leverage Browser Caching. And Google tests suggested you to fix Leverage Browser Caching to your WordPress site. Or you might heard about it to increase your WordPress site speed.

So, yes you are on right track. It can boost your site loading speed some points apparently. Hence, I heard about it from somewhere and now I’m leveraging my site for now. I’m getting outstanding results from it and my site loads faster than last time.

Simply you can do also Leverage Browser Caching in your WordPress site by adding a few lines in .htaccess file or by using plugins.

Here, I’ll show how you can perform Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress site? And How it works?

Browser Caching

First of all, we start with how it works in WordPress and how it increase loading speed. A web browser retrieve many resources by request and response from server ( html, CSS, JS, texts, images and videos ) to load a website.

When website loads, browsers and software applications temporally stores that contents in form of Web Cache. When you revisit website, browser loads temporally stored data and updated data.

How To Make It Work

First of all, you should allow your web server to store temporally data on local disk. After that there is a question to enable this for site. So, you need to set contents ( text, css, js, images etc.) expiry dates in HTTP headers. You can set there a specific time periods from a day to years to keep cache resources in Cache – Control.

Hence, we have two methods to Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress-

  • First one, you can add a piece of code in .htaccess file
  • And other by using a WordPress plugin.

First Method : by .htaccess file 

  1. You need to create / edit the .htaccess file and write / paste the following code there.

Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress

It is would be more better If you set time period for a year rather than months or days. Now save file and clear all browser cache.

Second Method : WordPress Plugin

  1. Go to WordPress plugin respiratory and try to download the ‘WP Fastest Cache’ plugin and install that.
  2. It will take a moment to install. After that Activate the plugin.

Now you will definitely have some improvement in website loading speed. Hope you find this information useful and you can apply any of method in your site.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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