May you all heard about bad links ever or seen than browser redirects you to error page with a message that contents are not exist on this URL. It is common problem for all users, having from a long period.

Most of people ask about it or search about it, that how to find such links attached to website ? How to fix them and improve website ranking and health ?

I hope, you know what are bad links ? If no than read about bad links, it will help you to fix them surely.

What are bad links ?

Unlike working links, It redirects you to unexpected error page with message that URL doesn’t exist or displays unwanted page to your site. It all happens when you are attempting website URL, whether it is Incomming or outgoing link.

So each one from you don’t want these links to get attached with your blog or website. So let see how these links are created and how to fix them with such easy methods ?

Outgoing or Broken Links – When you or site links to external webpage, which is no longer exist in website directory. So it needs to fix soon by such methods.

  • You can use Google Webmaster Tools to allow crawlers to scan your website and find such links and also provide an option to you to fix them manualy.
  • WordPress directory has some in-built plugins, you can one of them which fit to your needs
  • Some of sites also allow you to detect broken links and remove them manualy by appropriate actions.

Incomming Links – When any of URL from your website is not exist or removed from site can be include in this. When any user hits on such URL, browser redirects him to 404 error page.

  • You can prevent site by defining 301 redirects in htaccess file, that will redirect to main site URL or error handling page.
  • Another is some typical, It needs to recreate the contents of page and submit them again.

So I want to tell you, Google Analytic and Webmaster Tools are best for this, because Google tracks each of activities of your website and crawls everything. It is free method to improve site health better than other tools.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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