Improve Gmail Account by yourself with these featured apps and plugins

Email is need of everyone and important part of daily routine while someone is running small business or an organization. Where Gmail is most popular option for email, and Google team thinks each moment that how can we improve Gmail account more.

Most of people have Gmail account, if he uses internet connection or a Smartphone. Gmail offers variety of features and Google can make it more flexible for users. If you include few applications and plugins, than you will feel more comfortable.

Let’s read about tools and applications that can enhance your email experience and suggest you how to improve gmail account.

# Wisestamp It is an extension of chrome, which allows you to customize signature by changing font, font-size, colors and images. You can engage RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to your signature. It is very easy tool which can improve the value of your email.

#Boomerang it is a plugin which is compatible with chrome, Firefox and Safari. It provides you an option “Send it later”; it means you can send later on scheduled time. It will send mail to any person on later time whether you are online or not.

#Sortd Smart skin of Gmail, which enables listing of inbox. You can customize the workflow by adding new list or update a list. It has Drag & Drop feature to sort your inbox.

#Find Big Mail if there is low memory in your Gmail account, than you can search all emails by memory size. Most of emails have attachments and they cover some memory of account. Program allows scanning emails and searching all files with big size.

#Mail Track IO It is very common feature like chat messengers. You can know about time of sending mail, read. When user will read your mail, it will show two check marks there and provide you a confirmation receipt.

#Snapmail It is a chrome extension, which adds a button to send. It means your email will be removed automatically after few seconds or minutes. Snapmail encrypts the message and send a link to user, notify him that mail will be removed in 60 seconds.

#Ugly Email some tracking tools are available on internet, which can inform time of read, location and activities to sender. So, you can use this chrome extension to protect yourself by tracking of emails.

#Unsubscriber it works on iPhone which can prevent you from unsubscribing problems of mailing lists and newsletter. You can delete email and unsubscribe by one tap.

#Full Contact It provides information about social media profile and job title of the person who is reading your email. You can read tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook updates by using this Google chrome extension.

#Mixmax If is very helpful extension for meeting schedule, which helps you to create email templates and schedule to send to users.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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