Most people have common question how to increase traffic, while you have a static website, blog or e-Commerce site. Let’s read about some strategies to build a network structure, which directs to website.

Website traffic is enables a network of earning opportunities while you are having a website or blog. If you join Affiliate Marketing or Adsense program, than you must have strong traffic to website.

Write Piller Contents

Pillar Contents are like tutorials, which may have very detailed information about a topic. Like “10 ways to make money online”, it is a great example of pillar articles.

Such kind of posts are most popular, and can be viral easily on social media. It can be like a survey report, which takes you to subject point by point in detail.

Guest Posting and Comment

It allows you to write a post for another blog, connect to new audience or bloggers. It is a free tool to build your relationship with bloggers and to attract followers.

Indirectly it is a part of SEO and provide opportunities to drive some traffic to your blog. You can also put your comments on others blog and write your opinions there, Only If you know about the niche.

Social Media Promotion

Well, Social media can be a free tool to direct traffic to blog by posting some useful information. Facebook, Twitter is largest and most popular platforms to build your network.

Pinterest is also fast growing social platform, where you can pin article and get engage with others. You also can join Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and blogging communities to promote your blog.

Write helping and problem solving contents

Most of bloggers fail to get traffic to their blog, because they don’t write useful contents. They only focus to write articles and keep looking for visitors.

If your primary goal is more clicks and more traffic than you must write rich and helpful contents. Show loyalty and write problem solving contents to engage traffic and make them repeat visitors.

Good contents can make money online to your blog, while you are trying to earn with Adsense, Affiliate Marketing program or any revenue source.

Learn by your-self and Share your experience

If you do a proper research to a topic and than write any article can build your network. You will be able to help others only if you know how to solve that problem.

Bloggers should follow this and always write own story about niche that how  they use this method for good results and what problems they faced. You also can write your eBook and sell to earn some money, but all it depends on research, knowledge and experience.

Blogging is an art of sharing experience with others and help them, motivate them and take them out from tight situations. Blogging is also a network of few people, who love to help more people.

Now days it depends on you, that how well you engage with people, community and how well you take them to blog. Don’t think Blogging is only way to earn.

What to read next ?

How to start a profitable blog now days and become a blogger, while current picture is totally different and Google became wiser. So there is a common question that How to increase traffic ? Is it really possible to earn ?

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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