May some people or freshers have not heard about Google Panda & Google Penguin Updates, who deal with SEO. So they can put up few questions like: what are these updates ? and what is the difference between them? First of all Google is like a Father of Search Engine by improving the quality of  it’s algorithm day by day.

So, we will read in details and try to get answers of all questions about Google Panda & Google Penguin updates.

Google Panda:

Google Panda was first launched on Feb 24, 2011 in order to low quality sites and search results. Mainly it was created to solve the problem of contact form. SEO professionals believe site with Panda Updates has some quality issues.

Sites have the pretense of low quality or duplicate contents and Google doesn’t see them in search results. As a result, sites have less contents which decline it to be in Google ad sense and google ranking.

Google Panda penalized the site If there is no enough pages, duplicate contents and lower quality contents. It affects high bonus rate also.

Reasons for releasing of Panda update are:

  • Thin Content (less words)
  • Content Farms
  • Bounce Rate

Google Penguin:

Google Penguin was launched on April 24,l 2012 to resolve the issue of avoid activities against to Search Engine guidelines. Mainly updates was launched to tackle Black Hat SEO technique, because it follows illegal way to optimize site to get Google rank. It was tricking to search engine by developing some loopholes.

Black Hat SEO includes Keyword Stuffing, Doorway pages and cloaking to trick the Google algorithm. Reasons for releasing of Penguin update are:

  • Low quality links
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Over Optimized Anchor Texts

Google Penguin review the site for back links on a regular basis and remove the spammy and low quality links. Also it avoid links from same domain or IP address.

Google Penguin updates will catch the sites to dim the spamming it’s search result, who used some paid / bad links to boost Google ranking. If some sites have trapped by Penguin by mistake, they will regain the google ranking. Hence, Google Penguin 4.0 update will make a delight and will make webmaster’s life easier than last time.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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