If you are a SEO beginner, than this article can help you to understand the concept of website indexing on Google. You can learn some basics of SEO terms like Google bots, crawling and Google Index, Google rank and website optimization.

Google Bot:  These are the automated search software’s with quality of searching algorithm, which is used for crawling and booting to website. Google search engine collects all website and its pages information from everywhere.

Crawling: It is the high level process of contents searching and finding updated data on the websites, if you made changes there. It takes help of bots or the spiders to complete this searching process.

Indexing: In this process Google bots store the information collected in the searchable index. This data is collected on the basis of the keywords processed by the bots from the page content.

After these quick terms, now we are moving to website indexing process. How to index your website in Google quickly?


Robots.txt is most important property for Ecommerce sites to track each of transaction and activities by Search Engine. If you want site pages to indexed, it can help you quickly by directing search engine to index and follow the pages.

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”/>

You need to add this piece of code in head section of webpage, whether you want to index or not. The text file should place in root folder of website, So Search Engine can fetch easily.

Social Media And Promotion Activities

Social Media is a great option to quick promote your website and get attentions by Google. You need to share your post, links or blog on social media like facebook, twitter, which can drive a huge traffic in short time. Social Media sharing can help to index your website quickly.

Update and Optimized Contents

Audience or readers want a fresh headlines or contents at morning or business time. So, if you are running a blog site, than you need to update your contents regular basis and keep in touch with routinely updates. Updated contents grab Google and Reader’s attention faster, which will create web traffic for your site.


It is simple XML file, which contents all the links of your website with their properties. It defines to search engines, whack link should be crawl first. WordPress allows to install XML sitemap plugin, which auto-generate sitemap for site with well mentioned property.

Interlinking And Pinging

You need to link pages and posts internally within your website or a blog with use of relevant keyword and topic. It gives you extra boost to index your webpage or post with faster indexing. At another end, you should use some pinging services.

Pinging services collect information about website updates and new added pages, and notifies to Search Engines. This will also let you to index your websites more quickly and profoundly.

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