Most of people have a dream to get paid by Google Adsense program, whether you are a blogger or running a website. It is about to place a piece of code to website and get paid for each clicks.

Adsense is your revenue program, which follows PPC marketing and shows ads on your website according to search and interests. While any visitor clicks on ad, then you get paid for this.

I must want to tell you that Google Adsense is not a get-rich quickly scheme. It is a long term investment of time and hard work. Don’t think that you are listed in Google and have a good traffic to website, is enough to get big money.

Well, requesting for adsense is quite easy job but getting approved is harder because site must be ready according to Google and Search Engine. Even, I had failed more than three times to approve for adsense but before two months Google approved my site.

How much you earn with Google Adsense

It is common question of bloggers that how can I become good blogger and how much they can earn with adsense program. Well I can’t provide estimation; even no one can define estimate earning with it.

Your revenue depends on the advertisers, that how much they pay to Google to promote their products. Roughly Google pays you 68% of clicks and rest by itself.

The amount, you earn from adsense depends on amount of traffic and their interests that you receive to your website. Mostly Google allowed putting max 3 ads on your website or blog, only if It goes through Adsense guidelines.

How to Join Google Adsense

If you have a blog with rich contents or website, and it has more than 20 pages than you can apply for Adsense program. It is very hard to accept but once you done, get ads code from dashboard and simply place to your website.

You can opt text ads, image ads and both, and also you can display ads in small div, banners as horizontal or vertical. You can also customize the color according to your site.

Important tips on Adsense

Rich Contents:- If you have a blog, than you must have quality rich contents subject to your niche. Always start with your niche and interests and make them a helpful result for others.

Real Traffic:- It is hard truth that if you have low or poor traffic to website or blog, you will not earn good. It is not easy to create organic traffic quickly and get rich faster. So, you can use Social Media to direct traffic to your site.

Focus on Target:- Audience is most important part of your earning, so after posting rich contents you should target the audience. It is good habit to write what readers want to read with either cup of coffee or in the office.

Invest Money and Time:- Well, to earn more money you should invest some money to well developed site, SEO and few other promotional activities. Also it needs to invest your time to work hard.

Website Design and Visual Appeal:- You should select good and premium themes to build website or blog, which made according to Search Engine and SEO.

While you are posting some contents to your website than you must include good images, videos relevant to subject, which attracts to visitors and make them to return back.

Why not making good money with Adsense

I captured a very common question from bloggers that they have approved before few months ago but still not earning big money.

Not enough traffic:- If you don’t have 500 visitors per day or low traffic to site than it would be difficult to get money. Because very small percentage of visitors clicks on ads, So you have only few clicks to earn.

So, you need to focus on targeted traffic through either social media or marketing and promotional package.

Low Paying Niche:- Your revenue also depends on niche that you have selected to earn money. Like if you have two niche Sports and Technology than surely you will earn more with technology.

No Guarantee Of Earning With Adsense

Google never promises us anything and they will do what they can to protect their own revenue. Google can disable your account anytime if it founds any fraud.

Adsense is great program form additional income, but it is not stable like Affiliate Marketing or selling your own products.

Google will always safeguard their advertisers because they are their customers — not us.

What to read next ?

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If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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