Google 2 Step Authentication enables strongest security to your Gmail account and each one needs to turn it to add an extra layer to accounts. If you are not worried about Google account, than you are ignoring security threats.

Google 2 Step Authentication is best way to prevent your account by security breaches with your encrypted password and your phone. It enables an extra security layer to account, which is not possible to by pass for anyone while somebody steal your password.

Each time, when you type login credits and make it approve to access your account, Google send a 6 digit code to your phone and it need to type code again for verification. These codes are timely-driven, it changes in few seconds or each time when you need to use.

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If you think this is an irritative process and can’t access account without phone. Yes, it is true but it dramatically secure your account to avoid security issues.

How someone can steal your login credits

  • When you use same password on more sites
  • Don’t change password since long time
  • You are using very common passwords, that’s are easy to guess
  • Downloading software from internet
  • Clicking on some spam links

So Bad Guys have eyes always on your account and contents. Hence, you can enable this to keep bad guys out of your account.

How Google 2 Step Authentication works ?

  • Login to Gmail account and go to account setting, and select Security from there. There is an option to turn on 2 step authentication process.
  • When you click the start, it sends a text message to registered phone number with a 6 digit verification code. It needs to type again in verification box and let it process.
  • Now it asks to trust on this computer, click on confirm and here you are done.

So it is quite simple process, you can complete in few clicks. It can prevent your account and all information that you saved into account like emails, photos, credit card details, passport, documents or any valuable thing. Let How it protects while you are losing access and everything in it:-

  • You can lock your account immediately by going through or deleting emails, photos and contacts.
  • Reset password for all accounts like Play Store, travelling and shopping, banking and more. You can use code sent to you by text, voice call or android app.

Most of people don’t use this to protect their account because they want a quick access and denied to use security tools efficiently. With 2 Step Authentication, you will protect your account with password and phone. Google provides all security services only for users to enforce account security and you should use this.

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