Getting listed in Google and other most popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing is more than a hard dream for a website, whether it is eCommerce, Informal static website, blog or anything. Now days it is really very hard to being listed in Search Engines, because of new algorithm and updates to make technology wiser and efficient.

However, Google or other search engines become wiser to analyze a website completely and index it. It is not an easy job not to get listed in search engines and get good website ranking.

Let learn about SEO, how it works ? How to optimize a site according to search engines and get ranked in most results pages ?

How Search Engine works and provides a rank ?

Keyword Efficiency:- Well, Search Engines have a unique and smart algorithm to analyze a website and give it a rank. Before you try to add your website to search engine, you must know about how to rank your website.

Search Engines has a rule to check your website and keywords efficiency, which is a magic formula to rank a website. If you are looking for huge traffic, than site must be SEO ready. Because indexing don’t drive the traffic to your site.

Network and Linking:- You should build a network relevant to website subject and try to communicate with them either through Social Media or emails. By doing this, you will get traffic faster and link to more people which can open some doors to ping search engines.

Backlinks are another source to notify your site to search engines, if you can build few popular and rich links. It doesn’t mean to get paid traffic and backlinks because it is against the terms and rules of search engines.

I’ll suggest you to build natural backlinks rather than paid links because Google had updated their algorithm to detect this violence to get listed on first page illegally. It is quite slow process but true and strong way to get listed.

Don’t waste your time and money to get paid links for website.

How to get indexed ?

To get listed in search engines, first sign up to webmaster tools and then create a XML SiteMap. If you are using WordPress than use some plugins like Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEO Plugin and also update WordPress PingList to get index faster.

Getting listed to Google, Bing and Yahoo

Setup a webmaster tool with Google is not hard job, where as mainly challenge is to get good keywords relevancy to website. You can submit a sitemap and maintain crawl errors at webmaster dashboard.

Each time Google checks search queries and keywords, whether you are logged in or logged out of Google. Hence, it is a good habit to use competitive keywords which subject to your website.

Yahoo is powered by Bing ( ruled by Microsoft ), so you must have to sign up for webmaster tool of Bing and submit a sitemap there. Mainly the traffic comes from Google, because most of people use Google Search Engine default which can be followed by others.

Important points to remember

  • Do a proper keyword research and select competitive phrase to prompt search engines quickly.
  • Use Google Adword and Google traffic rather than wasting time and money in paid backlinks, because you will get good result for long.
  • Submit XML sitemap and keep resolve the crawling errors, and also remove badlinks from website.
  • If you are looking to earn from website, than use Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Getting listed in Google is quite important to engage more traffic through another resources.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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