Andrea Thumshrin is the founder of hockey Village of India, who is running a social project in Rajasthan as education and sports training program for rural kids. andrea thumshirn had moved to India in 2011 permanently to continue the project. But She has been accused of promotion of Christian religion to kids and to push them to bad habits of western culture.

Andrea denied all that and clarify to people that she wants to motivate under-privileged kids to national Hockey team and to educate them so they can survive over the poverty line.

So there is question about Andrea that is she converting rural kids to adopt Christian religion through social project ? Did she come to promote religion into rural areas to thug the people ? Let’s read about complete story of Andrea Thumshrin and mark these rumors are true or not ?

She has been selected in first woman team of Berlin sports club in age of 19 years and won the match. She came to india for a travel and engaged with kids and culture of Rajasthan. The Journey of Hockey village started from here and the rural kids became the part of her life.

A 37 years old German Hockey Player came to India in 2010 with few sticks and started Hockey Village in Ghar Himmat Singh village in Dausa, Rajasthan. The second home of Andrea is Jatwara in Dausa distric, and she lived with a Brahimin family.

She introduced a non-profit organization to help rural kids in education and sports. She found low quality education system in rural areas and poverty. It is because most people don’t provide good education to their kids or don’t send them to school. So she started pre-english medium school and providing education to rural kids at very low fee.

She tried to motivate people about the education and it’s importance, at first there was few people but yes she found some students. It was a great moment for her. She started a sport club in daily time commitment with the main focus on education.

She was struggling for sponsors to continue this social program and fought with the people, government and thoughts. But she never quit and keep running the program. Now days she lived among those kids and teach them about education and Hockey game.

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