Most of people ditched 9-5 boring lifestyle and feel bad inside, because they don’t have time to meet parents, family members, friends or entertainment. Just spend full day in doing job to earn little money and building dreams of others.

Developers have power to do and all skills to build a roadmap to earn good. After few months, they get frustrated and look for change. In case freelancing can be wise decision for them. If you have a laptop, table, space for office and skills than you are a freelancer.

Many of platforms are available now, who provide freelancing services like: Elance, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr are popular of them. Elance is really good and wiser platform for freelancing, where is lots of opportunities but now days moved to Upwork. Freelancer is also popular platform now days.

A lot of people think, freelancer is a cool life and you are only the boss of your business, no pressure and all. Is it really good ? Why few people avoid to work as freelancer ? what are the issues that freelancer should consider to fix ?

According to survey, 40% freelancers are successful and build their business with freelancing. Rest are either scam or beginners, who are no longer available to work, called as non-dedicated users.

Before starting I want to tell about my self. Hi, I’m Vaani and working as a freelance web developer since a year.

Freelancer smokes your money slowly

Let’s suppose, verified client has posted a project “Need WordPress website for my small business” worth $3000GBP and deposited $100GBP to freelancer. Now projects was assigned to a developer.

When developer accept the project, freelancer takes 10% from you and 3% from client. Now what if client cancel the project on 2nd day or take off project from you ?

If you are beginner and not have money in account, than first think what freelancer had earn ?

Freelancer earned :- 10% [ $300GBP] project fee + 3% [ $90GBP ] from client.

Now developer balance is $300GBP in negative and he will need to pay that money soon or freelancer will deduct from next earnings. If you are an Indian than you must understand the value of $600 GBP..

You didn’t get any amount but paid to freelancer $600GBP. What was it ? Who is scamming to normal people Freelancer or Client ?

I had suffered from this problem but amount was not big. I had tried many times to contact with freelancer support team but each time they refused to pay me anything.

They talk unofficial, that fee belongs to introduce both parties. It depends on client whether he will pay or not.

What are the problems as freelancing lifestyle

No doubt it is good platform to earn some money and journey from $1 to $1000K in few weeks or months. But Why do I hate it ?

# Impossible to find good clients

If you are starting carrier as freelancer or doing since few months, than you know that it is really impossible to find a reliable client. It may takes few weeks or months to get your first job whether you have strong portfolio or not. It is quite time consuming and time wasting job, while some work is produced for you.

Good client will always provide some details about project and requirements, timeline and project duration, payment policy. They offer very reasonable and have good understating of business relation.

# Limitation of knowledge

If you belongs to Java software and web development, than you will have very low chances to get jobs and expert knowledge is must. In case, you can’t learn another development skills or may you don’t have time to learn more.

# No order of working hours

You will found few clients that’s match to your timezone and it is quite nonsense to work according to clients time. I mean, if you belongs to India and Client to US, than it is really hard to work. Client force to provide updates or work at midnight and in US it is 11:30 hours back time.

It is not possible to work, and always spend time to look up clients message, email or any pings. May you are wasting more time to wait for client only, hence you will never get paid for 365 days.

# Payment policy and security

Yes, I must want to share to avoid freelancer because it is earning money only rather than providing you a nice platform to earn. There is no payment security and built-in services for developers or freelancers.

There is no guarantee to get paid, while you have completed your task. Support team will react like a book warm, always ask you to read policy and terms.

If you are working as freelancer or starting carrier, than you will understand this in few projects. Yes, you will earn a little but always be in loss.

# Over limit Project posting

Just think about smartness of clients, they post a project with cost $1500USD and most of freelancers put bid high or low prices to get the project. Client pick up average cost and post this project again with some lower cost again and again.

At last he assigns this project to someone worth $200USD only. I don’t understand what is this ?

Freelancers are fool, who don’t understand it and bid more blindly. They sell to yourself in order to earn little money. Even they don’t have proper skills of marketing and always put a bid lower than last one. Clients take advantage of this nonsense and get project in very lower cost upto 65%.

# Scam registered users

Many of freelancers don’t read the project details and bid blindly, where as many of them don’t know about the development but they will take project and further outsource it.

I don’t why freelancer can’t trace this or able to find scam users ? Why freelancer is busy in earning only ?

# Users have Multiple profile

I know this very well that most of freelancers have more than one account and they use both at same time with different IP details and personal details. IT firm or company will have more accounts because they use it for fast earning.

One personal account, and more accounts are ready for BDA ( Business Analyst ). Company hires more than 2 BDA and they assign only a task to bid on projects or grab more than more.

They comment to each other and assign projects to build their reputation. While they build a good profile, start to earn more from a single space.

Be careful while you are starting freelancing journey to earn more and be more selective to pick a project and review the full profile of client. I’ll not suggest to quit freelancer, but don’t follow the rules blindly if you don’t want to sell yourself for little money. Build your own dreams, and think twice before doing.

Being your own boss is having the freedom to spend more time with family. Mostly you avoid 9 – 5 boring lifestyle.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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