Well, I hope you may heard about world’s cheapest smartphone, which cost is 251 INR only. Finally Ringing Bells launched smartphone Freedom 251 on July 7, 2016 with a contraversial price 251INR only.

CEO Mohit Goel confirmed that real cost of Freedom 251 is more than it. They are loosing money by selling it over 251INR. You can get this phone by Lucky Draw process only, because 10K units alloted to each state.

So now have a look on some features of Freedom 251:

  • 4 inch qHD display
  • 960 x 540px resolution
  • 5mm headphone jack
  • Micro USD charging port
  • 3GHz quad core processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 Lollipop
  • 8Gb inbuilt storage
  • microSD card upto 32GB
  • dual SIM card
  • 3G supported
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 2MP Rear and 0.3MP Camera
  • 1450mAh battery
  • 1 year replacement warranty

It is just pridiction based reviews, stay tuned with us to get more details soon.

Conclusion: Freedom 251 looks quite impressive with cheapest price tag with some of smart features listed above. No doubt, Freedom 251 would successful in smartphone race with 251 INR only. Company claims 7.5 crore users were interested till February 2016.

In order to a marketing strategy, company will able to make profit in bulk orders to cover the loss with low price tag.

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