Flipkart has decided to introduce new chat features for all users, while it was using peer-to-peer chat before time. In April 2016, Filpkart replaced it with “user-to-seller” chat, Where now users can connect to sellers directly and can discuss about product respectively.

So, now Ping will allow to all app users to browse more products and share them with friends while they are using official app. It was launched by Chief Product officer Punit Soni, who left it in April month.

There was a goal behind launching this app to grab more users and social elements to this major eCommerce platform. Users will spend time on app to browse product or online shopping, which will take part in profit of major.

Flipkart has started Ping for testing with a few sellers and app reviews, response. At time another major Snapdeal has launched similar chat model “Shopo” to connect sellers and buyers.

Hence, this feature will help to users to chat with respective seller and ask to them products related queries directly. So it will depends on users while they are purchasing product or not but same time they can chat with sellers.

It announced that they will also begin Pilot “user-to-customer care” real time services. So users can direct to customer care about product delivery, return and refund and more related queries.

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