All people are connected through smartphones all around the world, because of smart and internet broad services project. Now clothes, home appliance, electronic items and gadgets all are connected through Internet. Now it needs to be aware of digital world and it’s affects. Digital world has lot’s of advantage for us but It can play with our  health.

Now if you look at survey, than most of smartphone users keep their phones in pocket, near to bed at sleeping time. Lots of smartphone users check their phones at time of waking up like facebook, whatsapp and emails. If sometimes they don’t have phone or laptop, they feel like a lonely world. If we will not control it, it will ruin our life and health.

Fix time for emails

According to survey, there is a direct connection between emails and tension, depression, thyroid, high blood pressure and heart-attack. Smartphone and internet gives us facility to connect with emails, but try to reduce the time. It need to change the habit of repeatedly email checking.

Don’t chat more times

Chatting late night and more time in a day, is turning to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. You will feel laziness and vibration in your hand anytime. It can be seen in youths with age 20-50years. So we should not use smartphones to chat more times.

Limit the Social Media

Now days most of people spend 2-5 hours on smartphones whether he is new blood or old one. Where people [ 18-25 years ] spend 5 minutes per hour with smartphone like an addiction. Facebook, twitter and whatsapp are good platforms but more use can make you sick.

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