May you have read about Affiliate Marketing and earning opportunities, where popular programs are Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon.

Affiliate Program has a very simple and common rule of earning more traffic, more sell and more money. Most of people always purchase more than they planned before and it tends to earn higher commission.

If you are looking to earn big commission from Affiliate Marketing than you should join ClickBank, because it offers high percentage of commission per deal upto 75%.

I’ll suggest you to join ClickBank affiliate program, It is far better than others because commission is higher. It has variety of digital products, so there is no distribution and shipping cost.

How to join ClickBank ?

Few of affiliate program are free to join, just click on Sign Up link and fill the required details. Once your account has been created, you can get products links and promote them to website relevant to niche.

How to search good products ?

You can search and filter more products by clicking on MarketPlace in top menu. You can select any product which subject to website from few categories, and filter them with attributes Initial % sale, Avg % sale, Avg % rebill, Gravity.

Once you are done, click on promote button. In box give a account name and add a tracking ID if you want to track the sales. Else wise it will take auto generated values to tracking ID.

Well, you must know that revenue depends on visitors or traffic to website. If you have more than 2,000 unique visitors per day than only 1-2% of them may click on affiliate link and make some money for you.

So, you should not depends on such way of earning only because there are few chances to earn. But yes, If you are loyal with audience and provide some useful contents than they will help you.

What should we remember and how to promote ?

Prove Loyalty It is most important while you are running a blog. By providing some good contents, you can make audience to repeat visitor. People can grow your business and money in quick, and also they can put it down in few minutes.

Social Media If you have a large number of followers or member in network than you can promote products through social media. Social media can boost earning and free tool to promote business terms.

Rich network don’t need to have a website, even don’t need to promote products hardly. Simply you can use social media platforms like facebook, twitter.

Niche Website/Blog Like Google Adsense, you should select products relevant to website because it can drive traffic to your site. If you have tea store and you are promoting Computer products than it is not a wise decision.

Most of people have a problem, no matter what program they use to earn. They are not making money from affiliate program while joined before few months.

If you think investment of time can make money for you than you are wrong completely. Affiliate program is great source of earning but it depends on targeted traffic. It can take few weeks or months to show some activities only when you have huge traffic.

Points to remember

  • Your income depends on website traffic. If you have less than 500 visitors daily or low hit rate than you can’t make money through affiliate link. Because only few of them click on ads and make you rich.
  • Website should have rich and niche centered contents, which can engage traffic to site.
  • You can use Social Media to promote products, which is most efficient way of traffic.

What to read next ?

How to start a profitable blog now days and become a blogger, while current picture is totally different and Google became wiser. So there is a common question that How to increase traffic ? Is it really possible to earn ?

How Affiliate Marketing program works and make money ?

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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