It is annoying to have that browser redirects on some another page while we are opening a page in wordpress site. It is very common error, if you found a link is not going where you supposed too. We called them broken links or Bad links for site, which potential distract the redirects.

Well, you all must know about 404 errors, when you see an error message on browser that link is trying to take you somewhere else. Now time you feel bad about these links, they can harmful for your wordpress website. So, now let know about broken links and ideas to prevent site health.

What are broken links?

Result of these links is appear in 404 error page because of missing page or non-existence resources that you are trying to click on browser. These are working links like others, and may harmful for wordpress site and to Google ranking.

Links are created mostly when a URL in your domain in no longer exist, unusual firewall settings, missing pages, hacked contents or im-proper hosting services. These links are written incorrectly because of non-exist URL and resources.

Now how to check these links and repair them in WordPress

To grow the website health, it needs to find and repair all broken links. It may sound easy but very typical process to find them and delete them. It truly depends on frequency of posts and online contents. You need to spend hours or days to fix these links, only for good site health.

You can use following methods to find broken links and repair them soon.

Google Webmaster Tools:- It can be most efficient and good method if you have setup with webmaster tools. Let crawlers to scan your site and find all bad links for site. Webmaster will allow to getting list of all and an option to delete or repair those links.

Broken Link Checker:- It is simple and easy wordpress plugin to search bad links for site, which shows result in a table. It checks your complete site automatically and detects links, missing attribute and all that.

You can set email notifications with this plugin to get notified when any link is found and you can stop Search Engine to crawl that link right now.

Majority of broken links are come with comment sections, because most of people are scam there to affect site health.

Online Broken Link Checker:- You can also use online sites like to scan your WordPress site for broken links, it you are initially feel panic or not set up a Google webmaster account. Online sites will help you also to detect bad links and doesn’t allow repairing them.

We are not promoting this plugin here; you can find useful plugin in WordPress directory and well decide to use better solution that fit to your needs. I like this plugin because it is good and easy to use.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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