Our life offer us lot of things and we learn from mistakes and experiences, where ups and down is key of joyful life. While we are starting a new business, set up new goals and build strategy to achieve them. We encourage and motivate to our self to  get successful and balanced life. Did you ever think that how to start a blog as passion to write or how blogging blogging impacts life ?

Starting a blog can be a good decision if you are king of writing skills, which can help you to live a better lifestyle. Blogging is an art of sharing thoughts and experiences to other people like a love that has no age limit.

Young writers or beginners have a passion, desire and energy to write, where as pro bloggers have skills and experience to write. Both of them have different lifestyle under set of ideas and skills circumstances. Few of them has an ability to turn skills into a business or long term job.

So, Let’s read about lifestyle of bloggers and how to start a blog can change the way of life and how blogging impacts life.

Blogging as a business

Now days blogging became a source of media, most of people read blogs like newspaper at morning with cup of coffee. Blogs have become a huge business terms in last 5 years and current picture of blogs is different.

America Online purchased Weblogs, Inc. in October 2005 for an estimated $25 million. If you are working as individual, than Google Adsense can be dream job for you earn money from advertising. Blogging impacts life with some positive thoughts with some cons too.

Blogging is not only the way to earn more money, It’s an art and writing and living a professional life. Few of bloggers achieve this and able to setup the future goals for business or a good job.

It changes your attitude in positive manner and teaches you that how to be nice ? When you meet to someone or attend any community, it gives you ability to put your thoughts and feel like a celebrity if they are agree to you. It impacts on others mind too and force them to think about your experiences and points.

Because blogger do a deep research before start to write and turn them into useful contents. So, it gives you an ability to describe things very well while you are writing or communicating with people. After research you learn about to pick a best topic out of thousands and share it to all over the world to grab your readers.

It is like we learn from our mistakes and experiences, So blogging helps you to improve your communication and writing skills.  When you start to write, you don’t have enough skills to market you thoughts and not able to share quick contents. But you learn from daily routines like writing, thinking and searching, formatting contents, grammatical skills and basic knowledge.

If you are trying to do SEO to blogsite or contents, than you learn SEO basics, keyword research, website optimizations, Google indexing and ranking, content filtering and boost technical skills.

Blogs became a source of income today, while pro bloggers are earning thousands dollars per month. When newbies starts profit from $1 to $1000 after investment to time and money, but after few years profit turns to thousands. It gives you ability to job and earn money only if you deliver rich and quality contents that can pull huge traffic for you.

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