You may heard that how paramount blogging is to the key of success. You can generate your inbound leads and users. Without it, you will have nothing to promote article on social media, your SEO will tank. Do you think now, I need to say something more about blogging formula?

I’m sure, after reading this post you can do it very quickly. So, you can use this simple blogging formula to pull more traffic.

Simple Blogging Formula

Step 1: Give Attention To Your Audience.

First of all, you should clear the understanding of target audience. What do they want to read or like ? You probably do not need to provide contents through social media. Because they already can do that. You should follow a casual social media and networking approach with some generic stuff. You have to focus on audience, what they want to read ?

Step 2: Start With A Topic

You need a pick a skilled topic for your blog and that should be general. People should know something about or they should heard about it. After a working topic, you can start to write your blog. You must clear the topic and end of your blog. It will provide enough information to audience. So, you can focus on your blog.

Step 3: Write From Basic

To start your blog, first of all you need to write basic introduction about topic to grab the audience’s attention. If you will loose the reader in first few lines or paragraph, they will stop reading to your post. You need to make a strong grip over readers with an interesting facts, stories and jokes.

Step 4: Organize Blog Contents.

It is most important thing to well organize the blog, after you finished to write. Because sometime it seems like getting bored for reader and writer. Hence, you need to trick the reader by maintaining length and amount of your contents. Contents need to be clear and readable [ Simple ] for the audience.

Step 5: Edit/Format And Publish.

Process of editing and formatting plays a vital role on blog writing. You need to turn contents in helpful posts by brushing up your skills. Keep this in mind, that reader want to read clear and readable contents only.

Step 6 : Visual Appearance

At the end, you need to make sure about that you have selected a relevant image for post before publishing it. Because it becomes more prominent for social media.

Step 7 : SEO

Yes, now you are at the end but it is not end of the story. You need to optimize your blog with SEO. You need to pick some catchy title, keywords, meta tags, slug, attributes for images and anchor tags. So, now you are ready to post your article.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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