Well, I started to write few months ago and learn from lots of mistakes as each of beginners do. But now days when I meet to people or talk with someone on social media they ask to me a very common question about blogging and lifestyle. Is how they can become a blogger ? How to pull out writing skills and share useful contents to readers ?

There is lots of question mark about blogging, many of my friends and other people think I spend full day on Social media and laptop. What are you doing there indeed ? Is it only waste of time ? Where someone thinks why don’t they can do the same, who knows about it.

Blogging has positive and negative points, may you want to know them. It is quite common to all bloggers as live picture because they feel it in real life once or more times when meet to someone.

Positive aspect of blogging

Be your Boss and Set your Freedom

Why do share your kingdom with someone who doesn’t bring anything to table. Be a King and Rule your kingdom. Stop selling your skills, dreams and soul to someone for little money. Share your experience and help to more people.

Being your own boss is having the freedom to spend more time with family. Mostly you avoid 9 – 5 boring lifestyle and no need to meet to boss before doing any action. You are free to write contents and share them to target area.

At another hand this is my job and I get paid for it. It needs to manage few hours for your work and money flow. You are always free to have holiday or spend some time to family , kids or enjoy personal life.


I get more opportunities while go on Holidays or on travel or attend events. I have more chances to meet new people, talk with them or build business relationship with them. I can write about my experiences more efficiently and then promote to others.

Learning Ability

It is very important while you start a blog, to research about new trends, Social media, promotion and marketing strategies, graphic design and selection of images, coding flow and structure, SEO, branding and local listing, Social bookmarking and webmaster setup.

I never feel before when I started development that it needs more skills to being a blogger. It is not about to build a nice website and write contents there, you are building a brand and more traffic to it indeed.

You select a niche topic and do deep research about it, write the contents and make them sense, publish and promote them. Hence, blogging is the way to improve your knowledge and ability to share it to others.

Respect and Motivation

Well I respect blogging and it’s lifestyle because we learn faster and stay motivated in each terms. I can share and speak up what I have learned from this journey. In the end, I love about blogging life that we bloggers help them, inform them about new things and take them out from tight spots by motivating them.

Extra Income

You can earn some money by writing contents for any company, firms or as freelancer writer. But you can also join affiliate program, google adsense program to earn some extra money by selling some space for advertisement. If you have good marketing skills, than sure you can earn more money.

Negetive aspect of blogging

Earning and Security

You are not sure about earning, while you spend lot of time to write contents and engage people. If you get few jobs and earn some money that you think I got it but sure about next month. It is not possible to assume that you will get a job in next month or not.

Most of people want you to work for free for them to first job, it is about to ensure that you can complete their job and write effective article for them. In case If don’t get good job, than you feel waste of time and efforts. You learn from that but feel bad inside that you are not able to payment.

No Social and Personal Life

Blog is quite time consuming process and it needs to spend more time on social media. It is hard to motivate yourself and bring back to laptop with cup of coffee or wine. You will be busy in marketing and promotional activities of blog and talking about business to others.

In case you forget about personal life, responsibilities, family and relations. You will not have some time for you own social life.

People don’t understand the Job

Most of people think blogging is not a real time job or you can earn some money by blog. They think it is waste of time and no one can earn big from it. It is only good for those, who don’t have big dreams or satisfied with every conditions.

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If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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