May you have read about Affiliate Marketing and earning opportunities, where popular programs are Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon. Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of most popular, oldest and smart program, where commision percentage is low but quite simple and trustworthy.

There is a simple rule of affiliate program more traffic, more sell and more money. Because people always purchase more than they planned before and it tends to earn higher commission.

It is also important that how to increase website traffic and how to force them to click on affiliate links. You can place code to website, blog or also share through Social Media which can boost your traffic.

How to join Amazon Affiliate Marketing ?

To join the Amazon affiliate marketing program, you just visit Amazon Associate and it will take you to the registration process. Just put their personal, website and tax details and submit your application.

Once your application has been accepted, you can select products, and begin promoting to them on your website or blog.

Well Affiliate earnings depend on traffic to your site because very few of them click on affiliate link and make your profit. So, if you don’t have good traffic then you should focus on it first. It doesn’t matter how well you are and your website, truth is Customers are the boss.

How to add links to website or blog ?

Just get logged in and click on “Links and Banners”, where you will see your options:

1) Product links

2) Banner

3) Site Stripe

Just select products or services from there and get code, then place it to website or blog. Selecting of products or offer page links is smart way to earn on Amazon, you should do it relevant to niche.

Linking to Results Pages

Site Stripe option is surely come in more handy option if you want to link to a search results page from Amazon products list. Most of people think it is complex to use, So they avoid it.

So if you want to send your engaged traffic to a page with a variety of products result from a specific search term. If you are logged into your Amazon associates account, there will be a gray bar on the top of your browser that says “Link to This Page.”

Click that option and Amazon will give you the code of that result page, simply copy that code and paste in your website or blog. Now when any of visitors or someone clicks on that affiliate link, it will redirect them to that same page and they will be wearing your affiliate cookie.

If they purchase any product than Amazon will pay you fixed commission. It will be simple for loyal visitors to search for products and ask to them to perform on already filtered page.

Why should people don’t prefer Amazon Affiliate Marketing ?

May you know, Amazon has millions of products and it sells any almost you can think about. But still few people don’t use its affiliate program because commission is very low.

I’ll suggest to you use Amazon because it is oldest and reliable e-Commerce platform, where you are safe to purchase anything. Most profitable point is, it allows cash on delivery on most of products. So you can be sure about product and quality.

Points to remember

  • Your income depends on website traffic. If you have less than 500 visitors daily or low hit rate than you can’t make money through affiliate link. Because only few of them click on ads and make you rich.
  • Website should have rich and niche centered contents, which can engage traffic to site.
  • You can use Social Media to promote products, which is most efficient way of traffic.

What to read next ?

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If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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