Affiliate Program is associative programs that pays you a commission to promote their business, sell products and send them traffic. They pay you based on an agreement which based on some legal activities.

Actually it is a smart and fast way to sell your products while merchants are paying a good commission to you. It leads an exellent marketing strategy to earn profit both parties publishers and advertisers.

When you join an affiliate program, it provides you a direct link of product or sites to promote their services and business. When user redirects to product and purchase, they pay you some percentage as commission.

There are many online companies who sell products as ecommerce, wordpress themes, web hosting, freelancing or any services, who offer an affiliate program. Many of them offer a 60-day cookie policy, which means if user buys within next 60 days instead of buying today, you will be approved for commission.

You can understand here basic payment arrangement for affiliate programs:-

Pay-per-sale ( or cost-per-sale)

Merchant sites will pay only, when any user buys product though your affiliate link. It pays you a fixed amount per sale, which is defined at time of agreement.

Pay-per-lead ( or cost-per-lead)

Companies will pay you when any lead send visitors to site to sign up, definitely it is marketing to create some traffic by paying some amount to leads. It makes a chain of visitors like one-to-many network.

Pay-per-click ( or cost-per-click)

In this type of programs, users don’t need to purchase anything from merchant site. It is based on numbers of unique visitors who clicks on the link which comes to merchant site.

Well most of people are confuse that blog requires to join affiliate and it is only way to earn fast way. But not necessary to have a blog, where as it is one of exellent promotional tool. If you have a blog that  you can adopt most of programs, and use it for promotion and have some basic marketing skills.

Affiliate through a blog is long term process, and if you are able to grab traffic and deliver it to merchant sites than you will get good commission. Because blog allows to build new relation to readers and ad publishers either through rich blogging skills or social media and internet promotion techniques.

Bloggers start with Amazon Affiliate Program because it is very easy to get approved and quick ad setup to your website, if they are beginners. You can also use some popular affiliate programs like ShareASale, Commission Junction. They have some great offers and no investment is required to signup or promotion.

Affiliate marketing is legal activity and helps you to make passive money because sites provide you a promotional link which directs you to product page or website landing page. It collects account and tax details while you are applying to get promotional code.

Most bloggers or site owners use Affiliate program rather than Google Adsense because it is faster way to earn. Like blogging, adsense is too time taking process because it depends on traffic and user behavior. You can use both on blog site but I’ll suggest affiliate program to use.

If you have a blog and great writing skills than you should develop marketing techniques and knowledge because there is no limit of earning. You can earn $1 to $5K per month easily because money and marketing both depends on you. Affiliate programs enable such tools to make money and you are the one who can make some profit without investment.

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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