Affiliate Marketing is very simple and transparent way of earning money and provides a model to earn faster than Google Adsense program. It is the process of earning and promoting products of any brand, company or organization.

Affiliate is most popular way of make money online scheme since 1998, where you can earn by product / Services promotion and referral process. Simply promote the products of company and get some fixed percentage of amount as commission.

If you know some marketing skills, than Affiliate marketing is great tool earn big. Like if you are running a blog of technology than you could join affiliate related to Technology and gadgets, Software, Computer or internet. It depends on you and website niche.

How Affiliate Marketing works ? Guidelines and Tips

The key of success is to have a rich contents website and promote products or services to specific website niche. Don’t ever throw lots of links on blog or website; it will take out your visitors.

Many of bloggers do this mistake, they join more than two affiliate programs and put more links to website. It is annoying for visitors, and few of them get frustrated by visiting such sites with lots of ads.

When you promote products for any company and any of visitor purchase through affiliate link, you receive fixed percentage of amount from advertiser. It can be 4% – 15% or more than it. You earning also depends on website niche, So you should select product relevantly.

I will also suggest you to sell your own products, because you will be sure about 100% earnings and all credits go to you.

You can join popular affiliate programs like Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon, BlueHost. They all have more than million products that you can promote on your blog or website.

Low possibilities of earning if you don’t know how to market products

When I meet to my friends or people, they always ask to me how do you earn good by writing ? How they can be a blogger also to earn big money ?

I simply answer them, it is time consuming process of make money online and also you need to invest some money, hard work skills. You can’t make income in little time or few weeks.

Affiliate marketing is quite a process similar to Google Adsense, but it gives more money. You will earn only when any visitor goes through you affiliate link, and purchase the product.

Points to remember

  • Your income depends on website traffic. If you have less than 500 visitors daily or low hit rate than you can’t make money through affiliate link. Because only few of them click on ads and make you rich.
  • Website should have rich and niche centered contents, which can engage traffic to site.
  • You can use Social Media to promote products, which is most efficient way of traffic.

I want to suggest you Don’t only depend on Affiliate Marketing, It is source of extra income. Make your website with quality contents, SEO ready and increase traffic through guidelines.

More clicks, more traffic and more income.

What to read next ?

How to start a profitable blog now days and become a blogger, while current picture is totally different and Google became wiser. So there is a common question that How to increase traffic ? Is it really possible to earn ?

If you have something to add to this blog? Kindly share it in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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  1. The internet providing many ways to make money online, but out of them most of the bloggers use 2 methods (AdSense & affiliate marketing). Online income depends on your true traffic from Google ( organic visitors ). Well, recently i started an entirely new blog for affiliate program purpose for that i chosen hosting programs for this new blog. Still am busy with writing articles, Once i received my first affiliate earnings will share in my blog. Thanks, Vikram! Sharing your knowledge.